To the Moon and Back

by Here Lies Laika

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released March 1, 2008

Josh Belville - everything!




Here Lies Laika Portland

The rock side project of Josh Belville.

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Track Name: Cut Coupons
cut coupons

i got a couple of dudes coming to take a look at the house
if you could do me a favor and pretend that you are my spouse
these guys i think they're gay but if they are they're good at hiding it
and if you say one word about the cut of their shirts
i'm gonna give you so much shit

we got a cashflow problem, we oughtta start buying in bulk
you know i know that sucks but if you really want to sulk
take a look at our checking account and see how much you bought
all your credit cards maxed and our subpoena's been faxed
it's a lot harder than you thought

and you know, if you saved the paper
we could cut coupons
and until our job pays us better
we could cut coupons
and when the day comes when we're making six figures
we'll look back at this and say, "go figure"
and you know, if you saved the paper
we could cut coupons

chorus inst

when they arrive i want you to let me do all the talking
you say you're eloquent but i think you're better at gawking
shake hands and smile and don't give the impression we're broke
and when we show them around keep your eyes on the ground
and don't treat this like a joke

Track Name: Lady's Lace
you're not the center of attention
your faults are far too much to mention
you're going up, down, inside out
you're not as good as those who sent you

and in a moment, in a tiny space
you caught a glimmer of the lady's lace
you were in, love, no, doubt
about it i could see it on your face

and if she means that much to you
you gotta get her. now.

she was bubble effervescent
and you were all caught up in her scent
and it was, peach, no, was it vanilla?
something ever present

and when she kissed the corner of your lips
and when your thumbs were pressed against her hips
an inter, lock, ing, dilemma
the passing of a thousand ships

and if she means that much to you
you gotta get her. now.

she's got a mystical aura
you have opened the box of pandora
and when she's close to you
you can feel her breath on your neck
but there's no mystery
about these hands, these ever-present
ever-roaming hands
she wants you and you want her too

you gotta get her now!
Track Name: The Laundry Blues
a pair of old dungarees
in the bottom of the hamper
they are talking to me
talking to me, talking to me

they say "please please please
won't you do a little laundry?"
so i can get back in the game
back in the game back in the game

this is the laundry blues

ten thousand dirty tube socks
strewn across the bedroom
they are planning attacks
planning attacks, planning attacks

they're filling up with rocks
are about to punish you
for not cleaning 'em up,
cleaning 'em up, cleaning 'em up

and what can you do but run away
come back to fight some other day
you gotta sleep in a hotel room
but that's okay

all these clothes are
singing the laundry blues
and some are missing your skin
and some are missing your shoes

and all they want is
a tumble in the washer
and maybe fabric softener
and maybe fabric softener

an army of elastic
bellbottoms and buttons
they're all coming for you
coming for you, coming for you

look out for levi's classic
the assortment of your dress shirts
with ketchup stains
ketchup stains, ketchup stains
Track Name: A Million Things
i got a pocket pen
it's got a million colors
and you will need it when
you are drawing other

people walking down the street
people shuffling their feet

i got a great disease
it baffles scientists
it only makes you sneeze
when you are really pissed

i got a million things
i got a million things

in commonalities
i am the first to deviate
i climb among the trees
i'm never ever moderate
i got a million things
i'd like to place right in your
pocket, next to all your
chewing gum

i got a cathode ray
it's got a billion channels
it keeps me entertained
it keeps me in a kennel

barking with the other dogs
laying out like lincoln logs

i got a magistrate
who does all of my shopping
he never shows up late
but i know i can't stop him

if he wants to turn away
do another job someday


but oh, my god, why don't i have you?
but oh, my god, why don't i have you?
i've got everything that you're into
but oh, my god, why don't i have you

i got a million things
strewn all around the room
they make me happy but
none of them are you

they're cheap fascimilies
and i am never pleased
Track Name: Ellie Mae
ellie mae, ellie mae
we are looking at your resume
can't find a single thing wrong
but you've been away from work for too long

ellie mae, ellie mae
what do you do with yourself all day?
are you taking care of kids
or are you doing strange things on videotape

ellie mae, ellie mae
what are you doing in my state baby?
we told you once, we told you twice
there's no home for you in paradise

ellie mae, ellie mae
your eyes are cold, your hair's gone gray
if you wait just another year
no one will remember you were ever here

you think we were wrong
you think we were miseducated
you think we were wrong
we wish you were long, long gone
Track Name: Dance, Hipsters, Dance!
take off your shoes and your jewelry
get on the floor and dance with me
you gotta dance hipsters dance!

close your eyes and feel the beat
soon you'll be dancing out in the street
you gotta dance hipsters dance!

just imagine you're back at home
like you're dancing alone
like you're dancing alone

take off your shoes and your jewelry
get on the floor and dance with me
you gotta dance hipsters dance!


grab a lady or a fella now
it don't matter if you don't know how
you gotta dance hipsters dance!

take 'em out to the middle of the dance floor
have 'em screaming out for more more more
you gotta dance hipsters dance


grab a lady or a fella now
it don't matter if you don't know how
you gotta dance hipsters dance!

stick out your left foot
now stick out your right
and then you swivel those hips
like they are ready to fight
and now you get on down x2

now you grab your lady
by the bones on her waist
and you shimmy and shake
and add some sugar for taste
and now you get on down x2
Track Name: Something
everyone keeps saying it's that time again
but i'd rather go back to where we begin
taste the drops of honey on your skin
revel in the state that we were in

something in the way you smile completes me
something in the atmosphere depletes me
i need your breath to bring me back to life
i need you in my arms, i need your eyes

i am running i am running to your home
maybe i'll be walking back alone
i am turning ever turning to your side
won't you let me inside?

something in your eyes that keeps me alive
doo doo

everyone is listening to what we say
and i'm trying hard to make them go away
all i need from you is just one kiss
help me spiral out of this abyss




everyone keeps saying it's that time again
but i'd rather go back to where we begin


Track Name: Chicken Bone!
i met a man with greasy fingers
he was sad and alone
and in his hand like a little weapon
he had a chicken bone

he looked me square in the eye
and i thought i was dead
cocked his arm back, like a quarterback
and chucked that bone right at my head

and i said

i gotta chicken bone

took you out to the midnight showing
so i could cop a feel
but you were faster, skin like alabaster
and soon your clothes were peeling
(off, that is)

you reached down and grabbed my thigh
and i took off my hat
found my pocket, suddenly you stopped
and said, "what the hell is that?"

and i said

i gotta chicken bone


the show was over and we went walking
i saw that guy again
he came up still lookin' greasy
on his face was a big old grin

he took out an entire chicken
from inside his coat
tried to hand it off to me
but i said no no no no no

Track Name: Black Socks & Birkenstocks
you're 44 years old
you run a law firm
but on casual fridays
you take a different turn

hawaiian shirt
cutoff jeans
poker visor
it's all obscene

black socks & birkenstocks x6

you're sitting at home
with your terrific wife
twenty-five years now
without an ounce of strife

but you got no pants on
in your chair like a glove
strapped to your ankles
are things unheard of!

black socks & birkenstocks

walking to the grocer
in your cutoffs and shirt
buying a sandwich
and a bottle of squirt

you look like an idiot!
won't you listen to me?
you should be imprisoned
where no one can see

black socks & birkenstocks
Track Name: Diana
diana had a heavy hand when it came to dealing with her children
she drank the fishes out of house and home and made them do her bidding

you understand, you understand she was never meant to be a mother
she wasn't happy until one beer followed with another

but she was my girl

summer moonlight and a bed of grass soaking starlight into our skin
one date became a thousand and soon we began to sin

a gentle touch was enough to send shivers down your spine
who would've thought ten years from now you'd leave it all behind

but you were my girl

city lines won't keep me from you

cause you are my girl

in the car all across the world i search for a sign of your presence
old phone numbers and credit cards are nothing more than torments

you understand, you understand there is no one else i love as much
i wanna be your closest friend i wanna be your crutch

diana took a heavy sigh when i stood in the frame of her doorway
she slapped me once and kissed me twice and cried the rest of the day

you understand, you understand i would travel to the moon and back
oh diana just say the word and i'll start to unpack